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Professional Aspects

Delta Nu Omega provides the opportunity to cultivate skills necessary for professional success in today's work environment. Recent college graduates and community members that have the chance to work for DNQ  are often stretched as they develop new skills and refine old ones.

Personal Development

Consulting and Quality Control
Our board members visit chapters at least once a year to meet with officers and help us to execute the vision for Delta Nu Omega within the chapters. Officers and advisors discuss ideas, events and visions through face-to-face meetings, phone calls and emails throughout the semester in an effort to make sure the chapter is functioning at the highest possible level.


Marketing and Brand Management
Each member helps to ensure that DNQ  is being properly portrayed to the fraternity itself, as well as the outside community. The Business and Publicity Director and members works together to display a consistent brand in its media, events and merchandise that shows DNQ  in a positive light.

DNQ members must be effective communicators. They are often the conduit through which information must flow from the Chapter to the local communities. DNQ Board Members have to be able to share ideas in a manner that the chapter is able to understand and put into practice. Furthermore, advisors often have to sell the chapter on ideas by conveying why a certain recommendation will be beneficial to the chapter both in the short-term and the long-term future of the chapter.

Risk Management
There are no shortage of challenging issues that come out of the chapter during a given semester. The Risk Management Committee is thrust into the frontlines of these issues to provide stability, wisdom and counsel to the members in an effort to minimize damage and prevent further fallout. The Risk Management Committee must serve as the voice of reason as the officers often hurt and struggle with the challenges that arise within their chapters.


Board Members are the face of Nationals to the local chapter. They have to represent everything that DNQ  represents as an ambassador to the local chapters. The members on staff learn how to conduct themselves as a representative for the fraternity. There are rarely opportunities for them to be hands-on with the daily tasks of the local chapters, so advisors have to be able to inspire confidence in their men and put them in the best possible position to succeed. The local chapters need men that can come alongside them with composure and concern, able to set their chapter on the right trajectory forward.


Speaking and Teaching
Board Members have numerous opportunities to develop their public speaking skills. Board Members have the floor in chapter meetings during their chapter visits. It’s an opportunity to share Scripture, address relevant issues within the chapter and cast vision from Nationals. Board Members learn to develop and convey thoughts effectively to the chapter. They also carry most of the weight at National Officer Training by speaking to large groups and teaching the officer breakout sessions.


Event Planning
Chapter Members are often not the most detail-oriented individuals. So Board Members must be. Many conversations with officers center around how to best execute any number of events or ceremonies. Board Members learn through their time in DNQ  that no stone can be left unturned. The National Staff hosts a number of events themselves, which include such major projects as Youth and Young Adult Summit and National Officer Training.


Board Members are challenged to develop as writers by producing content for the DNQ  Blog, as well as further developing the many training documents that are provided to officers. A journalism degree is not required, but Board Members need to be comfortable with conveying information through the written word. It’s a great opportunity for young college graduates and/or Professional Chapter member to further develop their writing skills for the workplace.


The Gospel permeates everything that DNQ  does from the national level. Staff members learn what it’s like to be thrust into the mess of fallen men and walk with them through the storm with grace and love. Much of the job is relational. Staff members exhort chapters with the Gospel in speaking settings, as well as in one-on-one conversations. A heart for God's people and the Gospel is a necessity for any job with DNQ . Those passions will be further refined and cultivated as the National Staff members come alongside the brothers and sisters in the local chapters to spur them along in their spiritual walks. Knowledge and understanding of Scripture is developed as staff members learn to consistently utilize it in interactions with members.

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